When do I get paid for an order?

I’ve set up my store and just received my first order. When and how do I get the money?

Payouts are sent automatically as soon as possible. You can check your balance and status of payouts by going to Balance & payouts in the top menu dropdown:


From there you’ll see your current account balance for all stores:

And also a log of recent payouts:

You can check your Stampr Payments settings to see if there are any issues:


On the Stampr Payments settings page scroll down the Payouts section and look for warnings or missing information.

Once everything is complete it can take up to 14d for the initial link to your bank account to be established and sent. After that it will usually only take 1-2d after the order payment is received.

Thanks for the help Lainey. I see a payout was just sent thanks!