I want a custom domain

i want to use a different domain name for my store than the one given.

I’d also like to have a custom domain. I saw I need to contact support to purchase one but do I have to purchase it through Stampr?

I can answer @grozea’s question because I was able to set up a domain I already own pretty easily. Just go to store settings and click on the Edit button in the “Domain names” section and type the domain name you own (like www.mydomain.com or store.mydomain.com) and then you’ll have to verify it which walks you through the process.

Hey @abascombe1, thanks for joining our community!

To use a domain other than the example.stampr.io address each store gets you must purchase a domain name from either us or another company that sells domain names.

If you purchased the domain from us we’ll take care of setting it up for you. If you’ve purchased it through another company then you must perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your Stampr dashboard
  2. Select the target store from the dropdown in the side menu and click on Store settings
  3. Scroll down to the Domain names section and click Edit
  4. Enter your domain name and click save

At that point a button will appear that allows you to validate the domain name. Click that and follow the steps and you should be all set!

@grozea No you don’t have to purchase the domain through us. You can purchase a domain from anyone that lets you edit DNS settings and then follow the steps I’ve outlined above. The only difference is if you purchase from us we’ll set up the domain name to work with your store for you.