Building a store that sells printable tickets

I work for a museum as a developer for their website and every few months they hold events and we need to manually send out tickets to people that buy them. I was thinking it’d be great if we could automatically send out a PDF with printable tickets when someone makes a purchase, but we also need to track if they are used so we can issue refunds (if people ask for them).

Would something like that be possible with Stampr? TIA.

Hey @egrumblej! We could definitely help with that. The selling of tickets part is pretty straightforward – you’ll just need to create a “ticket” product and price it how you wish.

As for the emailing of PDF upon purchase we don’t exactly have that live quite yet. We have an events/webhooks system that is currently in private beta and we expect it to be released soon. It sounds like you could benefit from this so I’ll send you an invite. Using that, you’ll be able to get notified when the order is placed and then automatically send the PDF ticket when that happens.

Hopefully that’ll work. If not let me know and we’ll see what we can figure out!

Thanks @cory I’ll keep an eye out! It sounds like that will work. Any idea about making it so used tickets can no longer be refunded? Thanks again for your help with this.