I'm creating products and wanted to know what's the difference between a "Single price" and "Multiple variants" product?

I’m creating products and would like to know what is the difference between a Single price and Multiple variants product?

The best way to explain this is probably an example. Think of a hilarious tshirt for sale. The tshirt has the same design but comes in multiple sizes.

Applying that to products and variants, the tshirt design would be the product and each variant would be a different size (S, M, L, XL, etc.)

You wouldn’t want to have a separate product for each size and this products/variants separation allows you to provide different product options under the same product page.

But sometimes you don’t need that. A product is just a product. A custom made bracelet for example would not come in a variety of variants. For this, you will still create a single variant but no dropdown options will be displayed to your customer.

Here’s what a single price (variant) product looks like in a store:

And a multi. variant product that includes option dropdowns: