How do I change the image that shows up for a product in my listings?

My product has a bunch of images but the one showing when you look at it in the collection page list is for a label instead of the front photo I took. I’d like to change the order so the label is last and the front view is first and then also the order of all the images. And what is the variant image?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we don’t currently have anything to do that right now but I highly recommend you suggest it as a feature!

To achieve what you’re after, you’ll need to remove all the existing photos and upload the primary photo first, then upload the remaining photos in the order you’d like them to display. At this time this is the only way to change the order of images.

And the variant image is optional, but allows you to provide a more specific image for a particular variant. If it is provided it will be displayed when that variant is selected in the dropdowns by the customer. Additionally, the variant image will be preferred in the checkout if it exists.

Ok, Lainey. Will do.