Huge update. Invoices, manufacturing, new fulfillments features

We just released our biggest update in years. It includes many new features, but a few in particular we’d like to spotlight.


You can now create quotes and invoices for your customers and then share a payment link with them that allows them to pay through your regular checkout.

Once paid, a new order will be created and linked to the invoice and you can fulfill it the same way you’d fulfill a regular ecommerce order.

Quotes and invoices allow you to provide any kind of custom pricing you’d like e.g. wholesale, discounts – whatever!


To say this is a big new feature is an understatement. This work has effectively doubled the size of our software and provides manufacturing tracking software that previously cost thousands of dollars a year for free.

Create jobs, assign facilities and assembly lines, track supply orders, and it all works directly with our regular orders and fulfillments!