I want the about page I made to link from my ecommerce website menu

I made an about page that describes my business and has some photos of me and my products. I want it to be a link on my ecommerce website in the menu. How do I do that? Thanks!

You can add any links to your menus including a page.

Before you edit the menu, the first thing you’ll want to do is copy down the pages url fragment. You can find it on the page details/editor screen:


In that screenshot above the url fragment is “hello-there-world”.

Next, you’ll want to open up the theme design studio by clicking on Theme in the side menu and then click on the button that says Customize theme.


Since you’d like to add the link to your main menu, your next step will be to click on the Header section:

Scroll down to find the Main menu settings:

Click edit and it will bring up the menu editor. From there you can add a new link or edit an existing one:

The URL for the page will most likely start with “/pages/” and then have a url fragment which you copied in the first step. Change the label to “About” and make the url “/pages/hello-there-world” and save the menu and it should immediately change on our site and display the correct page when clicked.

I did what you suggested and the link shows up in the menu but when I click it it says the page was not found.